Established in 2017, our client base continues to grow as does demand for our services all the while bolstering our reputation in the industry. DCTechsolutions provides the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge that is necessary to overcome the most complex issues. With 80+ years of combined telecommunications system implementation and support experience we rapidly became the premier authority of iDEN infrastructure and subscriber equipment. Our dedicated team of eight engineers and technologists, most with over 10 years’ experience, maintain iDEN systems from coast to coast with comprehensive support system programs designed to provide service similar to that of the original manufacturer. DCTechsolutions also provides scheduled on site maintenance that can be coupled with advanced training programs. Our system support programs focus on enhancing telecommunication system operations, performance, and reliability. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise we strive to fast track any issues requiring our support to ensure 99.99% uptime of your critical systems.

Our Vision

DCTech strives to be a customer centered business focused on wireless communications and private networks.  Continuously expanding our portfolio and responsibilities by picking up where major manufacturers either abandoned or attempted to push another narrative.  We comprehensively collaborate, integrate, and implement across multiple technologies and enjoy the challenge. Treating equipment and people as if they were our own, we take a holistic approach with results to match.  Come see what business partners should be like!