Our Team

Dharmendra Shah


With over twenty years in the telecommunications and information technology industry, Dharmendra has traveled extensively while working for two global companies (Motorola and Verizon).Project management, in field implementation, pioneering methodology and integrating new services within existing regional communication systems are just some of the skills sets he has mastered. Regularly managing groups of up to 20 people Dharmendra has a keen skill for recognizing talents and abilities to rapidly build cohesive teams to scale for any project while maintaining SLA’s and timelines.

Mike Cisarik

Senior systems level engineer

Mike has a 40+ year history working in the global telecommunications industry.  While employed at Motorola he worked directly with customers worldwide integrating as well as supporting new and existing technologies on a hardware and a software level. He brings extensive customer service experience along with documentation methodology. He works very well under pressure while managing customer expectations.

Mark Mitchell

Principal Field Engineer

Starting his career in the military as tier 2 radar system technician, Mark has been in the wireless field most of his life. Working for Motorola, Nextel, Verizon, Exelon and local municipalities he has moved throughout the wireless technology industry. Performing many roles including but not limited to: RF site planning, Rf site optimization, system performance engineering, Interference mitigation and wireless data communications and all that encompasses. Mark has a deep knowledge of the industry with the ability to improvise on the fly.

David Leatherwood

Senior technologist

Starting young in the 12-volt automotive world David extended his passion for hands on experience in the radio world.  Working for local governments, directly with manufacturers and customers alike David has thorough installation and troubleshooting experience taken directly from his 8+ years in the field. David has proven time and time again to be dependable whether he is servicing a system core within a data center or in a cell tower. David has frequently organized resources across multiple OPCO’s while validating systems and performing complex system redundancy exercises for critical Tier 1 infrastructures.

Joshua Eichhammer


Josh is one of the newer members of this team. Bringing a strong practical business background with a focus on client expectations and B2B relationships. Managing employees, procurement, asset tracking, inventory control and management, direct to consumer sales, new product acquisition and contractual negotiations are some of the many skillsets that he utilizes. Maintaining client’s critical communication systems are where he spends a lot of his time, collaborating with project managers and IT managers to prevent and solve complex issues holistically.